Goal: Experience numerals associated with numbers of objects through stories.

Avoid counting. Embrace 1:1 correspondance or “there’s three and three again - that’s what six does” kind of reasoning.

Materials: Any medium, really. Apps, videos, books. Some ideas:

Book Peter Rabbit’s Counting Book

Book Good Night, Numbers

Book How Many Beads?

If you find more lnks, let me know!

1st Challenge: Listen to Story

Listen to a story.

2nd Challenge: Discuss Numbers

Discuss the numbers as the story goes on . Look for other examples of the numbers.

3rd Challenge: Discuss Numerals

Discuss the numerals as they come up in the story. Laugh at the different twists and turns they do.

4th Challenge: Creative Writing with Numerals

Come up with a story using numerals provided. (e.g. “Let’s make a story with this! <points to a 3>” “Sure. Three mice liked cookies …” [when there is a pause] “Can we use one of these, too? <points to 0>” “They saw zero spiders. Because I ate them all.”) Just talk, associating the numerals with the numbers.

When these challenges and the Handwriting challenges are done, move to the next Reading Task.